Hemil » India
It all started with my engagement wid Isha when v had just a handful of days and wanted to do the world. It all began fabulously
with the venue looking like it never did before and only raising our expectations of the wedding being 'grander' which it truly was- Larger Than Life!! The pre-wedding cocktail was indeed the mosttt perfect start and gave everyone the HIGH of their lives. All thanks to you and your team for putting your heart and soul into our wedding and making the entire planning of 6months an enjoyable journey. The co-ordination throughout was brilliant which actually put all of us at ease on the biggest day of our lives. I guess we must have been one of the only families feeling ABSOLOUTELY JOBLESS a day b4 the big day knowing that Dreams was there and it was gonna perfect. One of the best qualities in your team is the attitude- "We shall do everything. Don't worry." No job was small and no task was too big. Ur company name truly says it all- Dreams- We make it happen!!
We owe u BIG TIME for making the Biggest day of our lives truly truly special!!
Fortunately it has helped us know each other better and emerged into a BOND and friendship that is bound to stay forever n ever.
Lastly, u guyz actually made us feel like getting married again n again n again. :-)
And Mr. Oza- You indeed were the most most important person on the 18th of December even before the Pandit.. Kyonki as u always said Tension nahin hai.. Last minute Pandit ka bhi jugaad ho jayega.
Cheers to u n ur dream and goodluck 4 all ur future endeavours!! We r sure u'll will go a longgg longgg longggg wayy!!

Ms.Prachi » Mumbai
Can't thank DreamZ Team Enough for the great Party we had, Hats offto DreamZ,
It was indeed our dreams turning into reality,keep up the good work & all the Best...

Mr.P. Krishnadas » Goa/India
Overall the event was well organised and Kudos to DreamZ !!
& considering what was achieved, the party was a
success and the feedback is very positive.

Karan Dudhoria Mumbai. 50th BDay Event @ the ITC GRAND CENTRAl
Occasions are special and when people participate with such positivity to make an event memorable, it is the best feeling as a Host. Dhaval and his Entire Team at Dreamz Events make sure that the event is a Memorable one.



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